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Board of Directors Group


I came to the Y as a Board member when the Y 'adopted' Princeton Young Achievers, the afterschool program serving children in Princeton's public and affordable housing communities.  When asked to join the Board my first thought was that I was neither young nor male but if they wanted me anyway, I would be happy to serve.  Five years have since passed and I have learned about the breadth and depth of the Y's programs and its service to our community.  So many people assume we are simply a "gym and swim." While fitness is an important piece of who we are, it is only a part.  With a commitment to our three areas of focus: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Princeton Family YMCA, with Imagevolunteers, staff, and board members working side by side, is changing lives in very real and meaningful ways. 

Another revelation I had when I joined the Board was that the Y gives back more than $500,000 annually through financial assistance, subsidies and free programs. We offer opportunities for people of all ages and circumstances ­ ranging from free early learning programs for young children and their caregivers, to free wellness programs to individuals with limited resources.  Today our YMCA is dedicated to building the foundations of community by creating bonds and strengthening relationships among members, neighbors, and our community partners with a shared purpose ­ to make our community a healthier, safer and more caring place in which to live, give and grow.  With the recently completed refresh of our facilities, we are ready to take on new challenges, including completing a community needs assessment, raising funds for part two of our facility renovation and expanding our reach and programs. My fellow board members, along with the Y's motivated and highly capable staff, look forward to our future.  Please join us.

Merilyn Rovira, Chair


Professionally, Merilyn is Senior Vice President for Capital and Strategy at the Community Development Trust, a national investor in affordable housing.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Colorado and an MS in Urban Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.  Merilyn lives in Princeton, New Jersey with her husband Carlos Rodrigues, an urban planner, where together they raised their adult children, Tomaz and Natalia.  She also serves as Chairman, Board of Directors, Restored Homes HDFC and Restoring Communities HDFC in New York City and is a board member of the National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders, based in Washington, D.C.